Current Exhibitions for 2021

The Meridian Photographic Gallery has on show Travel Photography by Francois Ward, you can select from a wide range of countries to experience through photography the essence, colours, the people, the architecture and landscapes of these places. Also on show by Francois Ward are some more Abstract Photographs exploring shapes, textures and a different perspectives.

Print prices £33 each for standard pints, or buy 3 standard prints for £90 . To order your 3 prints please e-mail us or telephone 07710 273926. For single print orders please use our secure ordering form. This offer also includes panoramic prints now at £75 each, or buy 3 panoramic prints for £210, and canvas bonded prints are now £99 each or buy 3 canvas prints for £270. Prices include VAT and free UK delivery for orders over £98.
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